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All-Ukrainian Civic Association “Successful Ukraine” (“Uspishna Ukraina”) is a nonpolitical All-Ukrainian civic organization (NGO) which was established in August, 2004 on initiative of a group of people concerned with the destiny of Ukrainian people. Businessmen Yuriy Boyko and Olexandr Ostryk, a state employee Volodymyr Vorobyov, a medical worker Galyna Soborova and an attorney in law Stanislav Kharlanov became founders of the organization.

The main goal of the creation of this organization is to unify our citizens’ efforts in favoring the accomplishment of a “large jump” of our country and its transformation into a developed democratic state with a civilized market economy in 10 years — a Successful Ukraine, where a majority of the citizens would be satisfied with the level of life and proud of their Motherland.

We contribute to the development of the civil society in Ukraine, support and evolve initiatives which are aimed at attainment of personal and social success, upbringing of citizens’ dignity and protection of their rights, making appropriate conditions for the successful business by means of conducting reform of Ukrainian tax system and other extremely necessary reforms.

Unfortunately current experience of activities of political parties and political elite of Ukraine demonstrates their incapability in consolidating society and leading it to success. The UCA “Successful Ukraine” unites citizens, who don’t want be involved into politics because of different reasons, but want to improve life in Ukraine: these are socially active representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, state employees, scientists, educators and others, who want to work efficiently under any authority and don’t want to depend on it. This way, to our mind, is the shortest one in gaining the civil society status: only successful citizens who went through the protection of their own property and rights will eventually help society to “give birth” to the real political elite.        



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